FF #3 - mind Mostly due to the large income level...

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Part A: Lifestyle Similarities When thinking about my parent’s lifestyle in relation to mine, several things come to mind. The first thing that comes to mind, my dad is very competitive. Growing up, he played AA baseball and became an entrepreneur. I too played baseball. Not at the AA status, but for six years. I’m also competitive within society’s work force. I’m doing everything in my power to get a great career buy building a strong respectable resume. My dad and I share the competitive personality/lifestyle through the game of golf. We buy the best golf clubs, balls, and shoes to get the “edge” on the competition. He knows one of the best custom club designers in area and we both used his service to get our clubs matched to our swing patterns. On the course, I have to mark my ball because we both play golf with ProV golf balls. Even Nike shoes are shared in interest. Part B: Lifestyle Differences In looking towards the differences, there are a lot more things that come to my
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Unformatted text preview: mind. Mostly due to the large income level differences is the reason why. I wash my car with a 10.00 kit I bought and a water hose. My parents will take their vehicle to a business near their home and get the premium wash and wax service. Aside from money, I would classify them as a Tomato (Table 6.3). I would classify myself as a vegetable. I have a gym membership in order to stay physically fit at Athletic Club. My parents would rather use the time/money to watch TV and spend relax with Kotton the house cat. They have a large Sony TV and the HD satellite service package because in my opinion they stay at home to 1 much watching TV. Our interests in some foods are totally different. One little example is I’ll buy real Helman’s mayo and my mom will buy the watered down tasteless mayo light. 2 University of South Florida Fun field exercise Darren Nussel MAR 4503 Sec-001 November 14, 2007...
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FF #3 - mind Mostly due to the large income level...

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