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IDENTIFICATION AND PERCEPTUAL INTERPRETATION OF THE STIMULI USE TO DEVELOPED EXPECTATIONS TOWARD A new 2007/2008 Automobile for a graduation present: Upon graduation, my gift of choice would be a new 2007/2008 automobile that I would perceive as luxury sports. The color of the car would be important stimuli towards my expectation. Even the shape of the car would play a factor. Another external stimulus would be the type of wheels the automobile would have and if it had a spoiler. Inside the car, I would expect good quality seat material, sound quality, and GPS. The engine would have to be powerful and the exhaust would need to have a unique sound. The car would be an automatic transmission with a cruse control. The windows would be automatic and the seats have power controls too. To gain access into the car I would want a remote key. The last expectation I would have in a new automobile would be that it’s a two doors. IMPORTANCE ASSOCIATED WITH THE INDIVIDUAL BELIEFS : In this section I will rate all the stimuli used to develop expectations in an order of importance. Furthermore, a narrative explanation will be given for each importance.
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