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MY BIO - weekend job is in sales I sell TV’s and other...

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I. MY BIO: My name is Darren Nussel but people call me D-Mack. I moved to Tampa a little over 4 years ago to attend HCC in Brandon. I never thought I would go to college in high school, but I was given a grant and thought it might be worth a shot. My intention was just to get an A.S. degree and get out, but after a year I decided to change to an A.A. degree and transfer to a University. I completed an A.A. in Business Administration in 2006 and transferred to USF. My major is marketing because I like the fun image the profession holds; furthermore, I have a long sales employment history so it makes a great addition to my resume. II. CURRENT EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE: I have two current part time jobs. I’m an Internal Affairs Coordinator Executive for student government at USF. I work their between 10-15 hrs a week on multiple projects that are happening or planning to happen within the university. My
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Unformatted text preview: weekend job is in sales. I sell TV’s and other electronics at Sears Holdings in the Brandon mall around 10 hrs a week. I’ve worked at USF for 2 months and Sears for 1 year. III. MOTIVATION FACTORS: I have many motives that get me up out of bed everyday. One big motive would be success. It’s a very completive world and I want to compete and win!! Moreover, I want to set an educational bar for my future family. 1 IV. INFORMATION RESEARCH AND TECH TOOLS & SKILLS: I have the ability to navigate data basses for researching. I work above average in programs like Word and Excel. I can create power points too. V. MAR 4503 EXPECTATIONS: 1 st Outcome I would like to be able to understand why people buy what they buy and where they buy it. 2 nd Outcome I want to use the knowledge in my sales job to help my customers have a better shopping experience and exceed their expectations. 2...
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