Combined Modules - Darren Nussel Section 501 Portfolio 1 For self improvement in comparison to sport I would like to idolize Tiger Woods A common

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Darren Nussel Portfolio Section 501 1) For self improvement in comparison to sport, I would like to idolize Tiger Woods. A common core for tiger is seeing his goal by extreme focus and practice towards absolute perfection in the game of golf. Since a little boy, Tiger has worked hard on becoming better and better each year to stay three steps ahead of the competition. I admire his dedication and hard work and I feel he has all the right in the world to breaking countless records and becoming the richest athlete out their. He wakes up early every morning and trains in the gym then hits hundreds of golf balls at the practice range. I take that motivation and apply it to my life and my goals. My goal is to finish school this semester with a B.S. in Marketing, and in order to do that I have to focus and work hard at my course work. Like Dr. Boxhill said, “Sport is the single most available vehicle for individuals to develop self-respect, self-esteem and self –development”. I’m developing those characteristics by getting my education, and I can relate that to golf. I have played golf for many years, and in high school, I practiced everyday in order to compete at the highest caliber. I am competing at the highest level still to this day with getting an education so I can get a better job. After graduation though, just like in golf, there are others who are still competing. Matter of fact I feel you have to constantly compete in order to grow till you die. The more effort and hard work you put into whatever your goals are, the more competitive you’ll be and the more you will grow as a person. Word count: 297 Module two: 1)My name is Darren Nussel and I'm finishing up this semester with a Business degree. I moved to Tampa in 2003 from a small town next to Gainesville. Tampa was a better choice because their are a lot of opportunities here and it's closer to the ocean. 2) An issue in sport that I've been thinking about is cheating. Cheating in general whether in academics or on the field. Recently a USF football player has had an claim towards academic cheating, and FSU had many players suspended for cheating on tests. Many stakeholders are involved in this. The teachers, college, and close relations to the player. 3) Cheating in any part of life will create sloppy situations that lower society's integrity and competitiveness. Furthermore, it hurts peoples ability to learn and grow. Most of the time, even if not immediately, cheating will bring a person down and the ones around them. 4) In my career I have to build customer relations for long term accounts. If my client, for any reason, thinks I've cheated him/her I will loss the trust/relationship with that client and more than likely I will lose a customer for life. Module 3
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Combined Modules - Darren Nussel Section 501 Portfolio 1 For self improvement in comparison to sport I would like to idolize Tiger Woods A common

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