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Module eight I personally think that most of the mainstream sports have an issue with having disabled players which is why we see so many disables playing other disables. There is a community of sports that target players with disabilities. Many disabled players are under to much scrutiny when they try to compete with “non-disabled” and it’s just much more easy and enjoyable to play with others “like you”. It sounds bad but it’s just something I’ve noticed. Disabled sports are like a completely different market segment because in
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Unformatted text preview: many sports, disabled people just can fit in; competition wise. The key stakeholder would be the disabled person because I think the mass media/public accepts that disabled people don’t belong mixed in with “non-disabled”. Unfortunately, the disabled has to either fight the issue and join the mainstream or find a way into the disabled sport segment. The reason for this again is because the system makes it extremely difficult for disables to play in mainstream sporting events....
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