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Module eleven Which are worse, killing dogs or betting on dogs? The reasonable answer: Dog killing is despicable, heinous and disturbing. Illegal sports gambling by NFL players are prohibited so the NFL will factor in the gambling element when it comes to determining Michael Vick's fate as a football player. But Vick will always be remembered as -- and pay the steepest price for -- killing dogs. Without a doubt he should pay for the killing of dogs, but I’m afraid that was what the media focused on as being the only thing he was guilty
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Unformatted text preview: of. However, the fact that he was also gambling and it was strictly prohibited by the NFL wasn’t really driven by the media? I’m concerned with an unequal balance between the two wrongs for it may have sent the wrong message to the mass media. A message in which gambling isn’t illegal or that important. I feel the media has a greater responsibility in ethical matters that sometimes get overlooked because of a story that is more “entertaining”....
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