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Module seven Losing 5-2 with three seconds remaining, McSorley skated up from behind, reached back and swung his stick like a club at the skull of Donald Brashear of the Vancouver Canucks. The blindsided Brashear fell back from the two-handed blow, hit his head on the ice and was carried off on a stretcher, unconscious with his neck in a brace and blood flowing from his nose. Brashear suffered a severe concussion and, according to one player, was "lucky to be alive." In an issue like this, key stakeholders
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Unformatted text preview: are the parents, coach, team, school, and city. From a parents perspective, the team and school may be pointing a finger at them calling it a faulty upbringing. I think that the parents should make a public apology on behalf of the student to correct the problem and try to spin the situation. The key people (org) should band him from playing on the team because otherwise, other players may fell they can get away with such behaviors....
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