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Module two: 1)My name is Darren Nussel and I'm finishing up this semester with a Business degree. I moved to Tampa in 2003 from a small town next to Gainesville. Tampa was a better choice because their are a lot of opportunities here and it's closer to the ocean. 2) An issue in sport that I've been thinking about is cheating. Cheating in general whether in academics or on the field. Recently a USF football player has had an claim towards academic cheating, and FSU had many players suspended for cheating on tests. Many stakeholders are involved in this. The teachers, college, and close relations to the player.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Cheating in any part of life will create sloppy situations that lower society's integrity and competitiveness. Furthermore, it hurts peoples ability to learn and grow. Most of the time, even if not immediately, cheating will bring a person down and the ones around them. 4) In my career I have to build customer relations for long term accounts. If my client, for any reason, thinks I've cheated him/her I will loss the trust/relationship with that client and more than likely I will lose a customer for life....
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