Google case - III I think that Googles business philosophy...

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Key questions: I. I personally feel like they shouldn’t have experimented with the video ads or banner ads when they had so much success with the text-only model. More importantly though, their core business concept on advertising was not to clutter search pages with banners or videos, and doing so would only created a fuzzy message to educated users and employees with knowledge of Google’s text-only model. In Google’s ten things to be true, number 2 reads “It’s best to do one thing really, really well”. II. By moving into new advertising channels, such as print, radio, and television, would only help Google in increasing their market share. I believe any company should use as many resources they can; however, they should never loose their understanding of what the company stands for, core concept.
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Unformatted text preview: III. I think that Googles business philosophy will change the way advertising is done. For example, If google can figure out a way to improve the quality of ads on television that will create real value for end-users, I bet they would. They can incorporate their philosophy on placing ads where they are relevant would be grate for TV. If they can figure out the viewer beyond anyone else, they could apply the same business practice they use on the web but for TV. IV. The only problem I would focus on is creating a better management system that over look the “click frauds” that both the AdWords and AdSense share. There are many skeptics and people that are really upset about the claims Google makes because Google benefits from these “click frauds”....
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Google case - III I think that Googles business philosophy...

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