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Critical Thinking Assignment - University of South Florida...

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University of South Florida Critical Thinking Vis –A-Vis Advertisements Darren Nussel 11/28/2007
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Part one LIFESTYLE: When I ran across the lifestyle ad by Land O Lakes Butter it captured my attention with the moment between the Grandmother and Granddaughter. The ad says “There are two generations and five states between them. One recipe holds them together”. The main message is captured by the way traditional cooking recipes are passed down from generation to generation with a little messy and fun baking. Of course with Land O Lakes Butter! FUNCTIONAL: I found a P&G ad that attempts to provide solutions to customers’ consumption related problems or potential problems by communicating that the brand possesses specific benefits capable of solving a certain problem. In my ad, the problem is having stained teeth during the holidays. “Reunite with a whiter smile this holiday”. The message is portrayed with an attractive blond that has pearl white teeth reuniting with family. I took notice to the cold winter cloths and the red ribbon around the product symbolizing that it would make a good gift. However, I would take personal offense to such a gift assuming that I must have bad color teeth. SYMBOLIC:
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Critical Thinking Assignment - University of South Florida...

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