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Bryant 1 Mykel Bryant English 1101X Prof. Rieman November 15 th , 2009 Gatto Critical Interpretation “Against School: How Public Education Cripples Our Kids, and Why” by John Taylor Gatto, immediately evokes a sense of intrigue simply because of the essay’s strong title and dynamic subtitle, which gives the reader an idea of what the piece entails. I instantaneously felt Gatto’s zeal while reading his beliefs about public education. Not only was this essay a persuasive piece, but an eye-opener in the fact that I enjoyed being exposed to an insider’s theories about such an important part of American society. Gatto put all of his extremely strong views on exhibition for the reader to comprehend and take a position on whether it coincides with Gatto’s or not. It was clear to me that the author was intentionally presenting his main points not only very concisely but passionately as well; his exuberant tone was a factor in grabbing and keeping my interest and attention throughout the article. I agree with many of Gatto’s points about modern schooling and the resulting consequences of these institutions, and how they are affecting our kids, communities, and society. I appreciate the fact that John Gatto introduces himself as a former public school teacher with thirty years of teaching experience, giving him accreditation as a knowledgeable source from the beginning. His first argument is a firm belief that boredom is an unrelated problem in schools, plain and simple. It is not the teacher’s responsibility to entertain his or her students and thus it is the student’s
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responsibility to stay interested in the class regardless of the teacher’s enthusiasm, which Gatto goes on to explain is just as dull as their students’. He also delves into the multiple reasons why teachers are less than enthusiastic in the classroom. Therefore boredom should not be blamed on either party, but just accounted as a
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23881416-Gatto-Critical-Int - Bryant 1 Mykel Bryant English...

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