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Essay #1: Dialoguing about Ideas and Issues Assignment: Write a 3-5 page essay that outlines two perspectives on a key issue related to education and describe your own experiences and thoughts to add to the debate. Your paper should be followed by a Works Cited page in correct MLA style. Purpose: In college, as in life, you will be asked to take a stand on a variety of issues from your interpretation of a text to your opinion on a key social issue to your rationale for proposing a particular solution to a given problem. This assignment prepares you to present your future opinions by teaching you to think critically and to pay close attention to the specific context of a given controversy —including engaging with other people’s perspectives and opinions. Process: I. GETTING STARTED: Choose two of our six assigned readings (i.e., Gatto, Bennett, Weaver, Jackson, Eggers, & Graff) that address a particular theme that interests you. As you consider this theme, focus specifically on the motivating
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