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ALS 161 Final Presentation PERSUASIVE PRESENTATIONS (pp. 69) Topic Suggestions: - Controversial - Clear - Supported by evidence Persuasion Strategies - Appeal to reason - Appeal to audience emotion - Appeal to audience needs Persuasive Presentation Guidelines: (p. 73) Topic: Persuasive Speech/Presentation Time: 15 minutes (10 min for presentation and 5 min for questions) Visual Aid: you MUST use PowerPoint for this presentation. Plan: You MUST hand in your presentation plan in the same format as the
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Unformatted text preview: sample on page 83 in your packet. Sources: you MUST use at least 3 references Persuasive Presentation Phases: (pp. 75-80) Phase I: Introduction, which includes the OPENER and the PREVIEW Phase II: Body Phase III: Conclusion, which includes a REVIEW and a CLOSER Sample Persuasive Presentation Plan: (p. 83) Evaluation: Both your PERSUASIVE PRESENTATION and PRESENTATION PLAN will be evaluated according to evaluation sheets on pages 86-87...
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