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Style Critique - words which unintelligible 4 What is the...

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Style Critique Student’s Name: Guangxin Wang Date: Oct. 19, 2010 Speaker’s name: Albrecht Jander Title of class: Electric and Magnetic Fields General   topic   of   the  lecture: The   Electrostatic   Potential   and   the  Electric Field Location: Withycombe Hall 217 Number of audiences: About 50 people 1. Is the speaker understandable to you, interesting to you, clear? Prof. Jander uses diagrams, graphs, detail mathematic deducing and  calculation to make us understand. But, sometimes, I couldn't follow him  because he spoke too fast. 2. Does the speaker use visual aids? Prof. Jander never uses slides and PowerPoint, but often uses apparatus.  For example, Prof. Jander uses special device introduce the principle of high  pulse discharging. 3. Does the speaker use good, comprehensible language, eye contact? Prof. Jander can talk about physical knowledge in simple words, less uses 
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Unformatted text preview: words which unintelligible . 4. What is the speaker’s facial expression? The most facial expression of Prof. Jander is smiling, which can put us at ease. 5. Does the speaker move around, use interesting examples, or humor? Without slides and PowerPoint used, Prof. Jander should move around for writing on the blackboard and uses colored pens to mark the important points in each part. And he often tells the story about famous physicist to us. 6. Is the speaker persuasive or informational? As a engineering class, all content must be based on facts. So it’s persuasive. 7. Does the speaker seem biased or fair? Prof. Jander seems fair to students. For example, we can ask question at any time, and encouraged to discuss an issue, showing different points of view....
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