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2006 Final Examination Answers

2006 Final Examination Answers - RUTGERS BUSINESS SCHOOL...

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RUTGERS BUSINESS SCHOOL Newark – New Brunswick Undergraduate Program – New Brunswick Final Examination Dr. M. Markowitz 33:623:386:B6 Operations Management July 5, 2006 Last Name______________________________First Name _____________________ This examination has 5 questions on 8 pages including this cover page and the Table for the Areas for the Standard Normal Distribution. Place your answers in the spaces provided. Any work you do on sheets other than the test should have your name on them and should be handed in with your examination. You will have three hours to complete this examination. Although I believe you are well aware of policies on academic dishonesty, the information is provided to you here: It is expected that each student's work will be the exclusive result of his/her own efforts. Any unauthorized requests, receipt, offer or provision of class related or test related information during the administration of any quiz or examination will be considered cheating. If you importune (i.e. persistently urge another for an answer) or intentionally aid cheating, you will be subject to disciplinary action. University procedures on academic integrity will be strictly followed for students suspected of cheating. If you suspect anyone of copying from your paper during an examination, you should request seating change since academic integrity customarily involves both the receiver and provider of information. Provide the necessary calculations where required. If calculations are not provided where needed, no credit will be given for the answer. You are permitted to have and use a single 8 1/2” by 11” paper during the examination. Both sides of the paper can be used. This paper is for your exclusive use and may not be shared with anyone else during this examination.
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