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Homework1 - 8 Suppose you are developing a standard for a...

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Homework1 1) What are the two types of services that the Internet provides to its applications? What are some of characteristics of each of these services? 2) It has been said that flow control and congestion control are equivalent. Is this true for the Internet's connection-oriented service? Are the objectives of flow control and congestion control the same? 3) What advantage does a circuit-switched network have over a packet-switched network? 4) What advantages does TDM have over FDM in a circuit-switched network? 7) What is meant by connection state information in a virtual-circuit network?
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Unformatted text preview: 8) Suppose you are developing a standard for a new type of network. You need to decide whether your network will use VCs or datagram routing. What are the pros and cons for using VCs? 11) What are some of the physical media that Ethernet can run over? 12) Dail-up modems, ISDN, HFC and ADSL are all used for residential access. For each of these access technologies, provide a range of transmission rates and comment on whether the bandwidth is shared or dedicated....
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