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1. Suppose A sends two TCP segments back-to-back to B. The first segment has sequence number 90; the second has sequence number 110. a) How much data is the first segment? b) Suppose that the first segment is lost, but the second segment arrives at B. In the acknowledgement that B sends to A, what will be the acknowledgment number? Answer: a) 20 bytes b) ack number = 90 2. a) false b) false c) true d) false e) true f) false 3. Problem 27 in Homework7-2. Answer: a) TCP slowstart is operating in the intervals [1,6] and [23,26] b) TCP congestion advoidance is operating in the intervals [6,16] and [17,22] c) After the 16th transmission round, packet loss is recognized by a triple duplicate ACK. If there was a timeout, the congestion window size would have dropped to 1. d) After the 22nd transmission round, segment loss is detected due to timeout, and hence the congestion window size is set to 1. e)
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