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HW6(2) - Text problem 4.6(partial answer f e...

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ECE 430 homework assignment #6 (In class quiz – Thu/Fri, Oct 16/17) Text problem 4.1 (c) and (d) Text problem 4.2 (b) Text problem 4.4 (partial answer: f e = -μ 0 *w*w*N*N*i*i/(2x*x)
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Unformatted text preview: ) Text problem 4.6 (partial answer: f e = -2μ *A*N*N*i*i/((2x+g)*(2x+g))) Text problem 4.10 (partial answer: f e = -i*i*i/(4x*x), W m =i*i*i/(2x))...
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