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Psych 260: Introduction to Organizational Psychology Sections 006 and 008 Homework Assignment #2: - Distributed in section during Week 2 (Jan. 14 and Jan. 16) - Due in section during Week 3 (Jan. 21 and Jan. 23) - Please include your full name and section number on your assignment In preparation for group formation and the group project proposal, which will be addressed during Week 3, please prepare responses/ideas to the following 3 questions (assignment should approximate 1 page in length): 1) What types of individuals do you want in your project group? Personality type? People extremely similar to you or different from you? Friends? Specific skills and experiences (for example, research experience, consulting
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Unformatted text preview: experience, statistics, etc.)? Gender and ethnic diversity? Other criteria? 2) You will have a chance next week to talk to others in your section and find out more about them before you form groups. What questions will you ask others to make sure you create the kind of group you specified above? 3) What organization do you want to study? Why is this organization interesting to you? Do you have actual access to this company (e.g., personal contact)? Is it on campus or off campus? Please remember to bring your completed assignment with you to the Week 3 discussion section. I will be collecting it during section....
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