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Intro to Organizational Psych Winter 2009 Psych 260: Exam 2 Short Answer Questions: TWO of the following 12 short answer questions will appear on Exam 2 (4/20/09). 1. According to the textbook, transcultural leaders will need training to develop skills in five areas. Name and describe three of the areas. Global awareness: leaders will need to be knowledgeable of worldwide issues that may affect the organizations and organizational members it must interact with Interpersonal skills: the changing and expanding role of work group leaders (e.g., from bosses to coaches) will require them to become more interpersonally skilled Sensitivity to diversity issues: leaders will be looked to as “diversity experts,” so they must be able to deal effectively with groups that have different values and worldviews 2. Organizations are highly motivated to build social identity among employees. Name and describe three ways in which social identities can be strengthened. Stereotyping outgroup: make outgroup look negative, which makes in group look better; ex) war on terrorism Building up ingroup Depersonalization: members within seem more similar to each other; ex) military Boundary building: hard to get in, very clear who is part of it and who isn’t; ex) fraternity, universities 3. You have just been offered a highly competitive job, and the recruiter says they will call you back tomorrow afternoon to work out the specifics. You have twenty-four hours before the call. Based on lecture and discussion, describe three things you will do during this time to prepare for the call. BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement): a back up contingency plan —if this doesn’t work out, I can go to one of their competitors—know other partner will negotiate, determines walk-away point; gives you a sense of power Know how to enlarge the pie—what you can offer them, what they can offer you Learn about the company to know the “opponent’s perspective”; strategic: know how priorities fit together and with opponents Prepare strategically: how important is each issue to you and the other side? Prepare politically: know BATNA-what pint will you walk away with; what is the
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exam2shortanswers - Intro to Organizational Psych Winter...

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