Ch11 - Ch.11 Substance Use Disorders 14:30:00 ←-Alcohol...

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Unformatted text preview: Ch.11 Substance Use Disorders 03/04/2009 14:30:00 ←-Alcohol is the 4 th leading cause of disability world wide ←- Substance Dependence : refers to a pattern of repeated self-administration that often results in tolerance, the need for increased amounts of the drug to achieve intoxication; withdrawal, unpleasant physical and psychological effects that a person experiences when he or she tries to stop taking the drug ←- substance abuse : defined in terms of interference with the person’s ability to fulfill major role obligations at work or at home, the recurrent use of a drug in dangerous situations, and repeated legal difficulties associated with drug use ←- Addiction : used informally instead of substance dependence ←- Drug of abuse : psychoactive substance; a chemical substance that alters a person’s mood, level of perception, or brain functioning ←- hypnotics : drugs that help people sleep ←- sedatives / axiolytics : drugs for relieving anxiety ←- narcotic analgesics : opiates used clinically to decrease pain ←- cannabinoids : produce euphoria and an altered sense of time ←- polysubstance abuse : people w/ a substance abuse disorder frequently abuse several types of drugs ←-All forms of abuse: • inherent conflict between immediate pleasure and longer term harmful consequences • reasons for initial experimentation with a drug, the factors that influence the transition to dependence, and the processes that lead to relapse after initial efforts to change are all similar ← Case Study: Ernest Hemingway’s Alcohol dependence • Why doe some become dependent on alc? • Wound from war and unhappy love affair provoked heavy drinking • Liver began to cause him acute pain; told by doc to give up alc; tried to limit consumption to 3 whiskeys before dinner • Didn’t appear drunk; demonstrated an unusual ability to cut down his drinking or eliminate it all together for brief periods • Damaged liver in late 1930s • Experienced liver, kidney trouble and poss hemochromatosis edema of the ankles, cramps, chronic insomnia, blood clotting , • Unsuccessful treatments for depression and paranoia; shot himself...
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Ch11 - Ch.11 Substance Use Disorders 14:30:00 ←-Alcohol...

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