10 - Stacey Huber Psych 306 November 10, 2010 Lesson Plan...

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Psych 306 November 10, 2010 Lesson Plan Class Objectives 1. For students to practice their public speaking skills through presentations of their informational interview posters 2. For students to continue to understand important aspects of the interview process Class Materials: 1. Chalk Board Intro to Weekly Discussion (5-10 minutes) 1. Write Agenda on Board a. Ice Breaker b. Class Readings c. Informational Interview Poster Presentations d. Interview activities e. Next Week: Mock interviews; Informational Interview Reflections due; Drew to outline f. Reminder: Next week we will be meeting at East Hall for Mock Interviews. Interviews will take place in the atrium and third floor terrace. You will each be interviewed by at least one professional and will be interviewing each other. Everyone needs to dress professionally. The class will probably end early. 2. Have students arrange seats into circle if they have not already done so 3. Ask if there are any questions about today’s lecture 4. Hand Back Resumes Mentoring a. Ask if there are any questions/concerns about the feedback on the resume mentoring 5. Take Attendance (fill out attendance tracker sheet) Activities/Discussion (35 minutes) 1. Ice Breaker: What is your favorite breakfast? a. Each student will share what their favorite breakfast food is 2. Reading: Have class briefly discuss the readings a. Stress: What employers want to know: i. What skills you have ii. Whether you’ll fit in as a colleague in their company and office culture iii. Whether you’re professional and presentable enough to represent the company to clients and outsiders iv. Whether you know about and truly have interest in the company v. What your career goals are vi. How you compare to other candidates vii. What kind of attitude and level of confidence you exude—are you energetic and enthusiastic? viii.
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10 - Stacey Huber Psych 306 November 10, 2010 Lesson Plan...

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