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Women’s final!Last discussion group! 1) Readings 2) Reflection on course 4) Evaluation This week the readings were about how feminism fits into their lives. Cohen’s interview: black people with AIDS- gayness with whiteness? – intersectionality with sexual orientation is a good example of POLITICAL INTERSECTIONALITY….dehumanization of men on the “down low.” Don’t consider themselves gay, HIV comes up because of that way. Dehumanization-down low is just a black thing, Craig (senator in bathroom) never described as down low. Homophobia? Republican hypocrisy? Intersectionality=race, gender, AND sexuality and what is not getting talked about? Newborne article: the little things that you should stand up to as a feminist. Sisterhood is dead? Lecture 12/3- scared to be called feminist? Debate on the feminist “crazy” portrayal. Are things fine right now? Are women and men supposedly equal? Bell Hooks’ definition- feminism, men should take the label! Can men have sexism in life? YES! Nature of oppression idea. Overall equality, any one can support it! How feminism fit into their lives: Kimmel- source of community, comfort, unity, understanding each other etc. community is something that you create yourself. Not just fall into “like good weather”. He was “urging” men that by fighting for women’s equality wouldn’t take away from their lives and actually enrich it. Chivalry? Appeasement for other things women go through- implies they are incapable? Heteronormativity. Gestures, men walk down isle? Man give away. Take pleasure from vs. think about what is problematic. Don’t get mad at a guy for opening door-where does Feminism fit in your real life? What would be the point of not shaving legs or whatever, that’s not where the oppression happens- much bigger thing. Kimmel: men lack the experience, is men calling themselves feminist take away
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finalstudy (1) - Women's final!Last discussion group! 1)...

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