Review Session dec 3rd

Review Session dec 3rd - -Articles by Sharon hays mommy...

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Review Session: Dec 3 rd Cohabitation: 2 articles by Pamela Smock Singlehood: - Lecture Power point – jess’s section – Nov 6 th - Cuber and Haroff – different types of marriages - Blumstein and Schwartz o Those two in lecture as well Health benefits – - In lecture Childhood – - Focus on stages (pre-modern, modern, post-modern) - Steven mintz - Myths – mintz, hewett and cornell west Fathering – joseph pleck Articles – leisure gap and mothering
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Unformatted text preview: -Articles by Sharon hays mommy wars/motherhood penalty -and arlie hochschild -Lauras lecture Daycare really expensive for families Work and family conflicts gender conflicts lauras lecture Children advertising articles by Levin and linn Domestic violence battered women why dont people leave -Different types of family violence-Neglect the most prevalent abuse...
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