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Sociology 344 – Fall 2008 Final Review Sheet Cohabitation (myths about, reasons for, trends) Singlehood (myths about, reasons for, trends) Theories and typologies of marriages/relationships, what different theorists and researchers say makes a successful marriages, dealing with conflict in marriage (Cuber and Harroff, Blumstein and Schwartz, Lauer and Lauer, Gottman and Silver, Mace) Health benefits of marriages, possible reasons for these benefits, differences in benefits by social groups History of childhood, myths and realities of childhood, social structures and institutions that create experiences of childhood, possible solutions to children’s problems History of fatherhood Medicalization, commercialization, and over stimulation/scheduling of childhood Second shift, family myths, leisure gap, changes in division of domestic labor between wives and husbands, the stalled revolution Motherhood penalty, mommy wars, why women tend to be the one’s to decrease working
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