Review session FINAL - Review session: Thrifty gene more...

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Review session: - Thrifty gene – more efficient with the calories that you intake – you get more out of them than someone who does not have the gene - Don’t worry about information on race concepts- different people involved in that o Race is not a biological concept – there is no specific disease frequency or gene frequency that associates with one true race o Sickle-cell resistance – more frequent in populations that happen to live in areas where the malaria is prevalent o IQ study – biggest thing from chapter Measure of culture – doesn’t directly test your intelligence Eggs – drop 2 eggs – white children versus Culturally mediated how we perceive questions on the IQ tests Weavers example – visual relationships between things differently across cultures When dr. frisancho took the IQ test and did bad on it – way low on the scale figured he needed to study correctly (the right way) to do well on the IQ test IQ proves that IQ is not related to race - The longer you stay in a location the more acclimatized you become - List the four types of heat exchange and definition of each – just know the word and the definition o Radiation – electromagnetic energy is emitted by one object and absorbed by the other o Conduction - the transfer of heat by direct physical contact o Convection – transport of heat from a warm object to a cool object (heat transferring through the air) o Evaporation – the conversion of water into vapor - Stages of lifecycle - Prenatal – embryonic and fetal o Embryonic is the most vulnerable and critical stage – not protected by the placenta o No real filtering system between the mothers body and the embryo - Post natal o Neonate – 0-2 (variable) o Infancy (2ish months to 2 years) o Childhood (2 to 10 years) o Adolescence (10 or 12 to 20)
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Review session FINAL - Review session: Thrifty gene more...

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