Bio-cultural basis of food - third section

Bio-cultural basis of food - third section - Bio-cultural...

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Unformatted text preview: Bio-cultural Basis of Food Choice: Section Three • guinea pigs are for consumption in south America • omega three fatty acids – seafood General Functions of Food: • culture and religion • biological traits • physical environment • social environment Cultural Factors and Food Choice: • eat foods because associated with social status • potato – staple food – what climate allowed to grow • provided foundation for inca civilization – s. America • Judaism – culture food • Islamic religion – prohibits consumption of pork o Two Hypotheses: o Culture and religion are inter-bound One was established in the Koran – proponents of that hypothesis (Marvin Harris, well known anthropologist) 1. Ecological reasons for the avoidance of pigs • No nutrition at all in the leftover from pig • Economically – pigs the most efficient • Other advantage of pork compared to cattle – (besides being tasty) the amount of fat – not interlaced within the muscle • What’s the other difference – pigs do not sweat – they do not have sweat glands o In order to cool things down, they need to find water – only way they can refresh themselves 2. Pigs are very destructive • Pigs carriers of parasites – survives in the fat tissue of pigs • Carriers of diseases • May have been possible before the advent of cooking • Omnivores – not as clean • Can’t eat anything because digestion • PTC – ability to distinguish bitter vs. sweet • Tasting is genetically determined • 70% of the population are tasters – 30% are non-tasters Cannibalism: Its Bio-cultural Antecedents • Not related to social organization • Among non-human primates there is evidence of cannibalism •...
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Bio-cultural basis of food - third section - Bio-cultural...

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