sociological exercise number two - hooking up 9703

sociological exercise number two - hooking up 9703 - Lauren...

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Lauren Salzman Sociological Exercise # 2 Hooking-up Many terms in modern day society are interpreted at variance across different genders, age groups, and races. I chose to explore the meaning of hooking up because this phenomenon is relatively important in my life as a college student. Not to say that my life is centered around this term, but inevitably relationships between female and male counterparts is a huge part of teenage and college life. Before I get into the opinions of many different people, I’d like to address some of my own views about this term which are similar to many of the views that my classmates hold. It is very difficult to define a term when our culture is changing so quickly. However, in a culture that many people find pride and confidence in casual sex, hooking up has become one of society’s most recent trends. To me, hooking up is defined as continuously making out with someone ranging anywhere from casual foreplay, to sexual intercourse. Usually, the term “hooking up” is contextualized as a continuous action while if someone says they “hooked up” with someone it usually means that this action only occurred one time. It is impossible to define this term in a dictionary per say because each individual has their own take on the meaning of this phrase. Not only do the meanings of this term vary across different ages, genders and races, but also vary by where someone lives or is from. One really interesting and quite shocking observation I made is that many kids of younger ages are starting to engage in a lot more promiscuous sexual behavior than I was used to at those ages. For instance, I interviewed many of my twelve year old campers from a summer camp I work at and many of them alluded to hooking up as more than just kissing someone. This is interesting because at that age my friends and I weren’t interested at all in engaging in that sort of behavior because it wasn’t really the norm. I believe that because our world is so technologically advanced, these kids have more access to sexual images and videos via the media and the internet. To be honest, I was quite shocked by many of my camper’s answers because I originally thought that they would consider hooking up just kissing
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sociological exercise number two - hooking up 9703 - Lauren...

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