Sociological Exercise # 2 - prep sheet

Sociological Exercise # 2 - prep sheet - Sociological...

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Sociological Exercise # 2 Hooking up Jamie Glushon: age 19, white, jewish, college student – depends on the context oh you hooked up with him, and oh you are hooking up with him are too different things Hooked up : meaning made out one night, only including kissing Hooking up: means you are continuously making out with someone, but not necessarily only kissing, however there is not much commitment involved in this practice – term is pretty vague can be different for each situation because it depends on the circumstances Yes definitely a difference between hooking up and dating because one requires commitment while the other is more of a loose term and could either require anywhere from some to no commitment. Dating means you are exlusive and have more serious feelings towards one another; however, hooking up is a more casual term and people may be hooking up with multiple people at the same time but usually people only date one person Sometimes hooking up with someone (mostly not in college) leads to dating because hooking up is a period of time when you are mainly having fun with one another and it could eventually lead to something more serious if feelings do get involved; however in college with my experiences many people are hooking up with others for a period of time and it suddenly stops because of boredom or lack of further interest. People engage in this social practice for many reasons some being that they are intoxicated during a night
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Sociological Exercise # 2 - prep sheet - Sociological...

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