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math prep key - Math Review The following problems are...

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Unformatted text preview: Math Review The following problems are intended to provide a review of math and graphs concepts It is essential that you feel comfortable with all the concepts below, as they will appear repeatedly throughout the semester 1. Draw a curve in X- Y space that has a positive slope. Give an example of 2 economic P variables that might be positively related Yk ' l/ P $ @306 ‘ x 2. Draw a curve in X-Y space that has a negative slope. Give an example of 2 economic 0‘ variables that might be negatively related. \/ ' l a a 00‘ l; P f 62 D .1 1 X 3. Draw a curve in X— Y space where Y IS unaffected by X. Give an example of 2 (Li) ( economic variables that have no relationship. “P f ‘ LQ 04' a 030 \ILAX ‘8 QD Cr? anéjxgglctleél L For questions 4 and 5 below use the following information. Q: 3—6-P and Q=P- l2 " _ _ ') 19“ Q” -—3 (ff-014: 4 SolveforQandP 369‘ P \fi , .1 x : [email protected];l ' ‘ 18””? ”It”? a 5. Graph both equations on the same graph. Put P on the vertical axis (Y axis) and Q on the horizontal axis (X axis). Label the numbers where these two graphs intersect and label the vertical intercepts. Q 36 H ’ P 1P:§b 02 Q: P~ll QH'L:P otmdrSP SPCIOO PZZO 1/ ...
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