hist 1112 Imperialism in China-1

hist 1112 Imperialism in China-1 - History 1112 Imperialism...

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Unformatted text preview: History 1112 Imperialism in China 1800-1900 I. Population pressures 1. The Cling Dynastyl 1644-1911) 2. Without technological breakthrough, it was impossible to support huge population 3. Deforestation, soil exhaustion and erosion 4. " Floating population” H. The origins of the Opium War 1. Restrictions on European merchants at Canton began in 1729 2. Tea trade 3. The ” Canton system”( 1784) 4. Britain, which lost its 13 colonies was angered by the Canton system 5. The British East lndian Company discovered a profitable commodity for Chinese trade A. ln 1729, about 200 chests of opium were smuggled to China from India B. By 1800, about 4, 00 chests-were smuggled C. By 1830, about 30,0000 chests were smuggled 6. The Qinq government appointed Lin Zexu to end the use and importation ofopium 7. In the Opium War of 1839 China was defeated 8. The unequal Treaty of 1842 A. Heavy indemnity was imposed on China B. The British established their foothold on the island of Hong Kong C. "Most favored nation” D. "Extraterritoriality" Ill. The Taiping Rebellion ( 1850-1864) 1. it was the worst civil war in human history 2. The underlying causes 3. Hong Xiuquan ( 1814—1864) was a village school teacher tili1843 4. His goal was to become a government official 5. A brief missionary pamphlet 6. The Society of God Worshipers 7. in his ” Heavenly Kingdom ofGreat Peace” there was no poverty, exploitation and oppression 8. They proclaimed a revolutionary program of political and economic reorganization 9. Hong and his disciples stressed morality 10. Why the Taiping rebellion was destroyed ? 11. In 1884/85 China and France fought over Vietnam 12. In 1894/95 China and Japan fought over Korea. China was humiliated and burdened with heavy indemnity ...
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hist 1112 Imperialism in China-1 - History 1112 Imperialism...

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