History 112 growth of Spanish empire-1

History 112 growth of Spanish empire-1 - IV. The Aztec...

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1 History 1112 I. Growth of Spain’s overseas empire 1. Ferdinand of Aragon 2. Isabella of Castile 3. The conquest of Granada, the last Muslim kingdom (1492) 4. The Jews in 1492 and the Muslims in 1502 were expelled from Spain 5. Christopher Columbus 6. Hispaniola 7. The Arawak 8. In 1493 Columbus brought settlers to Hispaniola together with cattle and crops from Europe 9. The conquistadors 10. Slavery and serfdom 11. The settlers and the Arawak war of 1495 12. In 1498 Columbus shipped 600 Indians back to Spain II. The peoples and civilizations of the Americas 1. The diversity of Amerindians
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2 2. American Indians cultivated over 100 different crops III. The classic Maya ( A.D. 300-900) 1. They developed complex system of writing 2. They had an excellent calendar 3. They were masters of abstract knowledge 4. The collapse of Mayan civilization
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Unformatted text preview: IV. The Aztec Empire of Mexico 1. The Mexica 2. The Aztec state was geared for war 3. Religion and war 4. The ritual human sacrifice was an instrument of state terrorism 5. Social stratification 6. Emperor Moctezuma II (1502-1520) 7. The island city of Tenochtitlan: A world –class city (“ the foundation of Heaven”) 8. In 1519 this city seemed to be an impregnable fortress 9. Herman Cortes 3 10. Reasons for easy conquest V. The Inca Empire of Peru 1. State organization and bureaucratic control 2. Imperial unification 3. Great road builders 4. A policy of Mitima 5. Social stratification 6. The Inca Hauayna Capa died in 1530 7. Power struggle between Huascar and Atahualpha 8. The Inca Atahualpha (1532) 9. Francisco Pizarro 10. Reasons for easy conquest...
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History 112 growth of Spanish empire-1 - IV. The Aztec...

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