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SAC 366 Final Paper Prospectus - Sasha Wang SAC 366...

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Sasha Wang SAC 366 Television Genres Candace Moore Final Paper Prospectus 11/18/10 Showtime’s Dexter and FX’s The Shield Cop shows have certainly evolved since its generic debut of Dragnet with its stylistic influence from the semi-documentary. Upon entering a post-postmodern era in the 21st century, authentic genres became a rarity and the constant need for reinvention in a competitive television industry necessitated the hybridizing of genres. Dexter (2006) and The Shield (2002) are two prime hybrid examples of present-day cop shows. I initially planned on arguing how gender roles in these shows have contributed to the evolvement of the cop show and how they reflect the furthering of the feminist movement in American culture. Dexter and The Shied do not seem like the most obvious shows to use in making an argument about feminism, but I hoped that their themes of masculine corruption would implicitly give women a more respectable persona. Dexter 's main protagonist, Dexter Morgan, is male while The Shield's recurring cast is male-dominated with very few female characters; Officer Danni Sofer is the only female cop on the show. It is worth mentioning that both shows present police forces whose professions are to maintain law and order in their cities while their personal lives contrarily illustrate controversy and corruption. Dexter Morgan is a forensics blood splatter analyst for the Miami Metro Homicide Department while he is secretly a "dark passenger" of the night who murders serial killers. The Shield's police team is set in a fictional town called Farmington in Los Angeles County. Detective Vic Mackey,
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This note was uploaded on 01/18/2011 for the course SAC 366 taught by Professor Candacemoore during the Fall '10 term at University of Michigan.

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SAC 366 Final Paper Prospectus - Sasha Wang SAC 366...

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