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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon docID=10178035 Africa after Gender? Cole, Catherine M. Manuh, Takyiwaa Miescher, Stephan F. Chapter 15, “Give Her a Slap to Warm Her Up”: Post-Theory and Ghana’s Popular Culture (Cole) p. 270- “For while gender posits an inclusive, relational analysis that intersects with, but is not determined by, physical sex, those who are physically sexed as female in Africa still have far less access than med do to material resources and political power. This discrepancy must not slip from view.” Domestic violence- Ghanaian concert party theatre- Jaguar Jokers’ play Onimpa Hia Moa (People Need Help) character Kofi Nyame Bekyere- when you are feeling sad, slap your wife and there will be happiness in the house” A “blame-the-woman” play. Marriages are arranged- Ama does not run away to Nigeria with Selena to leave her husband because it is a sign of disrespect to the parents. But when Kofi does not give her enough money, she leaves him, but comes back to find that after spells have been casted he is a new superior person. And Ama is the one that is at fault for being disloyal and leaving him. 1930s and 1940s- “schoolgirl” played by drag, was educated and fluent in English, but an “competent wife” could not cook or clean. But 1950s more recognizable. Kakaiku’s Schoolgirl- “literally a girl in school” p. 275, parents had save money for her college education, but instead she runs off to the “highlife” and ultimately becomes a prostitute. When she returns to her parents, it’s too late they spent the money and she is an orphan. Another “blame-the-woman” play. BUT, at least the girl is the protagonist who the audience sympathizes with. Implicit message is that a woman should be educated. p.276 “A third female archetype emerged in the late 1960s and 1970s: the ‘widow.’ Notable for her maturity and emotional depth, the widow is caught
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at the intersection of two distinct and conflicting legal systems: the traditional Akan matrilineal society and the patrilineal structures inherited from Britain.” Typical storyline entails tragic financial despair due to father’s death. With multiple legal systems, law is extremely ambiguous. 1927-1957, all women’s roles in the concert part were played by men. Chapter 7 Doing Gender Work in Ghana Takyuwaa Manuh Institutionalizing gender work in Africa: United Nations Decade for Women (1975-1985) p.127 “As Amina Mama (1996) notes, gender studies on the African continent have proven to be less controversial than ‘women’s studies’ or any kind of explicit feminist scholarship because they can have been adapted to state and donor projects that are not aimed at transformation of gender relations and the position of women within African nations.” 1977- founding of A AWORD (Association of African Women for Research nd Development) in Dakar, Senegal- still exists today but is not extremely effective 1991- CODESRIA (Council for the Development of Social Science Research in
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SAC 440 Final paper notes -...

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