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1 Sasha Wang SAC 272 Daniel Herbert 03/06/08 Robert Altman Annotated Bibliography Andrew, Geoff. "Interview with Robert Altman." Sight and Sound 24 Jan. 2001. 4 Mar. 2008 <>. Geoff Andrew is a film editor for Time Out magazine. He is also the film programmer of the National Film Theater in London. He has written several books on film including Film: the Critic’s Choice and T he Director’s Vision: A Concise Guide to the Art of 250 Great Filmmakers . He is qualified to interview Robert Altman for Sight & Sound magazine. The purpose of doing this interview is to find out in-depth information about Altman’s background, opinions on his own films as well as others, address Altman’s fans’ questions, and discuss 3 Women and Gosford Park, which were his upcoming films at the time. The interview is geared towards a general audience. The magazine’s subscribers can range from mere film fans to film critics, educators, and professionals. One does not need experience in film to understand the content of the interview. The interview is biased because Andrew’s opinions are clearly stated in his questions. His very first sentence starts “I've always felt that there is a personal signature to your films. .” Andrew clearly admires Altman’s work. However, the information that the interview provides is valid and reliable considering the fact that Altman is answering questions about himself. The interview arrives at the conclusion that Altman is very optimistic
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about his work. He does not consider himself to be an artist, but an admirer who has fun making movies. He considers the actors to be the artists, and he has a very high regard for them. This conclusion is satisfactorily justified by the fact that Altman himself is answering the questions. Because this article is an interview, claims cannot be made that the derived information is wrong. Nevertheless, there is room for opposition to both Andrew and Altman’s actual opinions. Attached to the interview are a photo of Robert Altman, an introduction discussing Altman’s past work in a praiseworthy tone, and Altman’s acceptance speech to his receiving a Fellowship by the BFI. These additions give the readers a very positive outlook on Altman. Emery, Robert. The Directors: Take Three . New York: Allworth P, 2003. 1-25. Robert J. Emery is president and CEO of Media Entertainment, Inc. His credits include writing, producing, directing, and editing for about 40 years. His Starz/Encore documentary, The Directors, won a Silver Plaque. He is qualified to write about other directors like Robert Altman. The purpose of the chapter about Robert Altman is to show how his early films surpassed expectations, his exceptional approaches to art, filmography, listings of his awards and nominations, and cast credits for his films. Being a popular press book, The Directors: Take 3 is intended for the general public, but can also be useful to film scholars, educators, and professionals. The chapter is not biased
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sac 272 annotations - 1 Sasha Wang SAC 272 Daniel Herbert...

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