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Bazin- montage takes away from the spectator’s ability to interpret for himself. Montage tells the spectator what to think “Montage did not give us the event; it alluded to it.” “cinema par excellence”- a language the semantic and syntactical unit of which is in no sense the Shot; in which the image is evaluated not according to what it adds to reality but what it reveals of it.” Sound deprived reality of one of its elements Considers the content and not just the form Depth-of-field, scenes are covered in one take (camera remains motionless), dramatic effects are made by the moving actors In-depth shot replaces montage by frequent panning shots (moving the camera to change
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Unformatted text preview: the view) and entrances. Results in the continuity of space and time. • Doesn’t exclude the use of montage, but does not “sacrifice the specific effects that can be derived from unity of image in space and time.” • Claims that the depth of focus makes the structure more realistic • Montage gives the mind guidelines and directions on what to think, while depth of focus lets the mind be more active and interpret for itself. There is ambiguity • Montage played tricks with time and space • By replicating an image, automatically ontological Noel Carroll •...
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