SAC 372 Paper 1 Outline

SAC 372 Paper 1 Outline - Mulvey Woman has no role as the...

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Mulvey Doane Woman has no role as the spectator, she is the passive gender while the male is the active gender “An opposition between proximity and distance in relation to the image” (p.498). As pointed out by Freud, a female cannot be put in the spectator’s position because she cannot see from a third person perspective. She is too caught up with herself The viewer identifies primarily with the male protagonist, and as a voyeur enjoys the spectacle of the woman The “hieroglyphics” are not for her; she is the problem: “Too close to herself, entangled in her own enigma, she could not step back, could not achieve the necessary distance of a second look” (p.496) For Mulvey, the dark set up of the auditorium gives the spectator a sense of looking in on a private world. “Among other things, the position of the spectators in the cinema is blatantly one of repression of their exhibitionism and projection of the repressed desire on the performer” (714). Yet, “It is precisely this opposition between proximity and distance, control of the image and its loss, which locates the possibilities of spectatorship within the problematic of sexual difference.” (Doane, 499). For the female spectator, there is a female domination of the exhibition; she is the spectacle, yielding a sense of narcissism. Mulvey refers to females identifying with the
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SAC 372 Paper 1 Outline - Mulvey Woman has no role as the...

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