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etalbert_102708_18321Using_LRC_Streamed_Media - Using...

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Last modified: 9/25/07 1 Using Streamed Media from the LRC How to Access QuickTime Media Streams on Macintosh & Windows Requirements QuickTime 7 or later: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/ You must be on campus. Off-campus access requires U-M Virtual Private Network (see below ). You must have a reasonably high bandwidth connection (i.e., you should use a wired connection; wireless may work, but probably not well). Viewing or Listening to the Media If viewing from off-campus , you must first start the VPNClient. Make sure the UM-off-campus-access Connection Entry is selected and click the Connect button. You will be asked to authenticate — use your uniquename and erberos password (see K below ). 1) Download the reference movie file (from CTools, the LRC Website, etc.). 2) Double-click the file to open it. 3) You may have to click the Play button to start the movie. 4) You can move the slider triangle to any part of the movie, and click play again to view or listen from that point.
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  • Fall '08
  • Virtual private network, Streaming media, LRC, U-M Virtual Private, UM-off-campus-access Connection Entry, QuickTime Media Streams

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etalbert_102708_18321Using_LRC_Streamed_Media - Using...

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