COMM211 workshop9- media exposure and political campaigns

COMM211 workshop9- media exposure and political campaigns -...

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Sasha Wang COMM 211.008 Hoon Lee Workshop 9 Conceptual Hypotheses 1) Media exposure informs people about initially unknown candidates and can cause them to eventually support him/her rather than the originally more popular candidate. 2) Media exposure to statistics on each of the campaigns popularity midway through the during of campaigning can cause people to focus primarily on a candidate’s stats rather than their actual platforms. This can lead to the bandwagon effect of supporting the more popular candidate. 3) Media exposure to both, a candidate’s political ideas and insight into his/her personal life, can lessen a citizen’s concern for his/her political party. A one-day duration of a three-part survey could operationalize hypothesis #2. In order to
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Unformatted text preview: determine which candidate a citizen supports, we can have them fill out a survey explaining who they support, why, and what political media they have recently been exposed to. Then, after completing this part of the survey, we can hand them a fictional chart showing who the more popular candidate is. Some participants will receive charts that agree with their original opinion, while others will receive charts that disagree with it. Then, we will have them fill out the second part of the survey explaining who they support. It will be interesting to see if the false charts have further intensified the participants opinions or changed them. Of course, the participants will be informed that the charts were not real after the experiment....
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COMM211 workshop9- media exposure and political campaigns -...

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