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Sasha Wang COMM 211.008 Hoon Lee 02/01/08 Workshop 5 As a high school senior, I would say that four “college quality” concepts would be academic reputation, Greek life, Jewish life, and varsity sports. Some variables of academic reputation could be average SAT scores, average GPA, and rankings in Newsweek Magazine. Some variable of Greek life could be the percentage of student body involved in a Greek organization, number of sororities on campus, and the number of fraternities on campus. Some variables of Jewish life could be the existence of a Hillel on campus, the existence of a Chabad House on campus, the existence of a synagogue on campus, and the existence of a Jewish
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Unformatted text preview: Resource Center on campus, the amount of Jewish students on campus, and the percentage of Jewish students in the student body. Some variables of varsity sports could be the existence of specific sports teams such as a football team or basketball team, what college division they are in such as NCAA Big Ten, ranking, and amount of athletes who get recruited for a professional league. The college quality concepts, in order from most important to least important, would be academic reputation, Greek life, Jewish life, and varsity sports. I would weigh academic reputation .35, Greek life .30, Jewish life .25, and varsity sports .10....
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