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Critical Reflection Paper Guidelines Each student is required to write a critical review on a topic related to the African American experience. The paper should be based on an article from an academic journal (e.g. Journal of Black Studies, Western Journal of Black Studies, Phylon, Black Scholar , etc.) The selected article citation and the graded outline/synopsis must be attached to your paper . You should begin your paper with a review and discussion of the article and expand by linking the article to classroom material. You also should critique the article using information presented in class as well as your own critical opinion. You will be expected to submit a brief synopsis/outline of your paper topic and bibliography for acceptance prior to submitting your paper. Under no circumstances will unapproved papers be accepted . A well-written paper will include the following: 1. Summary of the selected article 2. At least 3 references should be included in the paper (your text book or an article
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