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Unformatted text preview: Resistance in the Americas Forms of Resistance Fugitive Slave Laws Rebellions Abolitionism and Legal Actions Day to Day Resistance (feigning illness, tampering with food/equipment/crops, education) Abolitionism Armed (Rebellions, Conspiracies) Maroon Societies Infanticide/Suicide Emigration/ Black Nationalism Escape (Underground Railroad) Forms of Resistance Day to Day Resistance Feigning illness, slowing down the workplace (pace), destroying property, defiling food, burning property, negotiation What examples did you see from the film? Armed Resistance Stono Rebellion (September 1739) 20 Miles outside of Charleston, SC Led by Angolan named "Jemmy" Spanish Florida versus British Colonies on freedom (influence) Between 20-25 whites killed (30-50 blacks killed) "Negro Acts" instilled (blacks taught Christian submissiveness, heavier surveillance, stiffer fines, altered race ratios, could not grow food, assemble in groups, learn to read, use drum) Haitian Revolution (1791-1804) St. Domingue produced of sugar and coffee exported Inspired by French Revolution (liberty, equality, fraternity) Freedom not given to free blacks (10-1 ratio, black to white) French lost 35,000 to 100,000 blacks Jefferson feared rebellion would spread to U.S. & referred to Toussaint L'Ouverture as a heathen Armed Resistance Gabriel Prosser Conspiracy (1800) Planned for Richmond, VA (takeover) Between 2,000 to 5,000 said to be involved Inspired by Haitian Revolution (planned Aug. 30) 27 hung, $8,900 paid to Virginian slaveholders Betrayals by slaves Denmark Vesey Conspiracy (1822) Wanted to kill all whites (slaveholders and non) Claimed to be most intricate revolt plan in history (9,000 and 4 years) Intricate hierarchical network, devalued emigration Nat Turner Revolt (August 1831) Bloody 36 hour revolt (40 involved, 50 killed), 57 whites killed, 100 innocent blacks killed (Turner had 3 visions) Turner hung and skinned on November 11, 1831 (David Walker connection?) Maroon Societies Impact of Cultural Syncretism Jamaica (Leeward and Windward Maroons) Cudjoe (Kojo), Nanny (obeah) U.S. (Florida, Great Dismal Swamp) Suriname Saramaka people (approximately 15,000-25,000 population) Nanny (obeah) Emigration Disregard American opportunity, leave, and build a new country for black people (Black Nationalism = establishment of a black nation; Martin Delany, father) Liberia (Liberty), modeled after U.S.A. Alexander Crummell, Paul Cuffe, John Russwurm American Colonization Society Some blacks felt like traitors if they left, some did not want to travel on ships (fear of re enslavement) Pros & Cons PostRevolution Moral Suasion Abolitionism William Lloyd Garrison Frederick Douglass Inclusion in U.S. Freedom Intricacy of Abolitionism Sojourner Truth North Star (Importance of The Press David Walker) Supported enslaved and women's rights John Brown & Secret Six Double Jeopardy (racism and sexism) Abolitionists cont. Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman Fugitive Slave Law Childhood "Black Moses" Claimed to never lose a slave Made 19 trips, freed over 300 slaves Anthony Burns Quilts "Monkey Wrench" Signal to gather tools Tumbling blocks or boxes meant it was time to leave "Bear's Paw" Follow bear tracks to reliable food and water "Wagon Wheel" Means of transportation to "crossroads" (Cleveland) "Flying geese" & "Stars" (North Stardew on trees) Reminder to take migratory clues from geese "Drunkard's Path" Zigzag to throw off pursuers (perhaps follow winding valleys) "Wade in the Water" (to avoid hounds) 13th Amendment (1865) Ended Slavery 14th Amendment (1868) Granted Citizenship (all persons born or naturalized) Countered Dred Scott Case (1857) 15th Amendment (1870) Right to Vote Blacks in Office (1865 1877) Blanche K. Bruce (senator, MS), PBS Pinchback (governor, Louisiana), Hiram Revels (1st elected to either house of Congress) Civil Rights Act of 1875 Legal Actions ...
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  • Slavery in the United States, Laws Rebellions Abolitionism, Resistance Fugitive Slave, Emigration/ Black Nationalism, Abolitionism Sojourner Truth, Maroon Societies

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