Chapter 12(2)

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Unformatted text preview: net users under age 18 atwork Internet usage peaks between 10 a.m. and noon athome Internet usage peaks between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. Top online activities email (more messages are now sent electronically than by the U.S. Postal Service) news shop pay bills Feedback Nielsen/NetRatings and comScore provide data on Internet use via software that monitors Internet activity at home and work. Social implications Changing model for news News can now travel "sideways" rather than topdown. Bloggers (individuals who publish online journals) provide additional checks and balances on traditional media sources (more on this later). Lack of gatekeepers Technological innovation has enabled almost any source--regardless of credibility --to generate and distribute almost any message. Audiences of usergenerated content cannot be assured that facts and interpretations have been verified by subject experts. Perspective: Contributions to Wikipedia peaked in March of 2007. One explanation: All of the easy stuff has been added; what remains is esoteric, attracting fewer participants. Information overload Much of the information online is more overwhelming than useful. Privacy Employees have no expectation of privacy when using company owned computers. Escapism and isolation Can people become addicted to the Internet? (more later . . .) What about social networking? + employees need newworld skills to compete effectively + employees can serve as brand ambassadors via positive messages companies risk losing trade secrets to rivals companies risk embarrassing personal messages being associated with valuable brands Where things stand . . . The Internet and World Wide Web are still maturing in 2010. Because more content is available online than advertising can support, some content providers (especially newspapers and video sites) will likely introduce pay models before year's end. The ultimate use of socialnetworking sites by businesses might be for the purpose of customer retention rather than as vehicles for advertising. CAREER OUTLOOK Go to for current employment data....
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