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1 WATERCOLORS Unit: Watercolor Lesson Plan: Art 2 Watercolor O’Keeffe style - Gallery Materials: Crayola Project Glue - (regular school glue will work - but doesn't dry as clear) Crayola® Construction Paper Crayons - they are designed for black paper. Also useful Crayola Metallic FX Crayons Black Paper (Although school grade construction paper does work, the colours (colors) are not as bright and the glue lines are grey rather than black. Sue uses a paper called "Hopper Hots" which is a fade resistant light-weight card stock which is available in large sheets. (No longer available) Elementary teachers might want to try Tru Ray Recycled Fade-Resistant Construction Paper ) Pictures of flowers (You could have the students find their own for homework, or take the class to a computer lab and search/print). Actual flowers are helpful, too - OR use high quality "silk" flowers (you should have some that look realistic) Drying Rack or space to dry (must be large enough to have all the sheets lay flat for 24 hours) Instructions: 1. Students should have in front of them the black paper, a bottle of glue, and their picture of a flower. Students should work direct onto the paper (pencil lines will show through the glue). Looking at the picture, students should create a basic contour drawing of the flower in glue on the black paper. To create good glue lines, the bottle should ALWAYS be pulled (not pushed), and should also be SQUEEZED at the same time (there needs to be a fairly thick line of glue created). The glue will dry clear, and on black paper will look like shiny black. 2. The glue drawings need to dry overnight (you can tell when it is dry). 3. Once the glue is dry, students can start to colour (color). Students should aim for good dimension and texture, realistic colours (colors) are not necessarily important. Using the various crayons, students should apply a thick amount of colour, blending using different coloured crayons. If crayon gets on the glue lines, they can be cleaned at the end with a slightly damp tissue and a fingernail. 4. Optional - color negative space. Alternate Lesson: Glue Line with Watercolors This is a popular lesson - and appeared in Arts and Activities magazine. Materials: Flowers and or plants, watercolor paper (or heavy drawing paper), glue, watercolors, brushes, ultra fine point Sharpies (optional) Procedures:
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1. Draw flowers/plants directly on the watercolor paper (no pencil outline). Draw all contours with glue (any white glue that dries clear will work) 2. Let dry completely 3. Paint with water colors 4. When dry - outline with the ultra fine point Sharpies (optional - they look striking without the outline, too) 2 Grade Level(s): 1, 2 Subject(s): Arts/Visual Arts Description: Spring time offers an abundance of art activities for children. This one integrates science and art. Students will have
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WATERCOLORS LP - 1 WATERCOLORS Unit Watercolor Lesson Plan...

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