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VERBS They have five basic morphological forms Bare form Third-person singular present-tense The past-tense The present particle The past participle All English verbs conjugate to indicate six grammatical categories: Person (first, second, third) Tense Aspect Voice Mood Syntactic Position of Verbs Verbs appear in a few distinctive spots 1. After auxiliary verbs 2. Alone in imperative construction 3. Alone after subject 4. Between a subject and an object
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Unformatted text preview: Five basic Categories of verbs: • Intransitive- Verbs appearing with no object (we sleep) • Transitive- Verbs appearing with a direct object (we made cookies) • Ditransitive- Verbs appearing with both a direct and indirect object (we gave Sue the cookies) • Linking- Verbs connecting a subject-predicative to a subject (we are nice) • Object-Predicative- Verbs connecting an object- predicative to an object (Sue called us nice)...
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