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1300_Spring_Syllabus_2007 - PSYCHOLOGY 1300.255 Spring 2007...

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PSYCHOLOGY 1300.255 Spring 2007 Professor-Dr. John Huber M-W-F 12:00-12:50 Professor : John Huber, PsyD Office : Psychology 320L Office Hours : Office hours; Monday 1:00-2:00, Friday 1:00- 200, and by appointment Phone : 512-245-1348 Email : [email protected] Teaching Assistant : Krystle Office : Psychology Building 320-B Office hours : Monday 1-2:30, or email me to set up a time Phone :512-245-2526 Email : [email protected] Class time : M-W-F 12:00-12:50 Texts: Myers, David G. Psychology, eight edition. Worth Publishing 2006 Huber, (2006) PSY1300 Introductory Psychology Blackboard Materials, Fall 2006 Correspondence: emails should include your name (first and Last) the class and section (i.e. MWF 12-1250) if you expect a response in a timely fashion. Course description A survey of the major principles derived from research on human and animal behavior. Topics studied include learning, thinking, motivation, emotion, personality, the senses, perception, and the form and functions of the nervous system. PSY 1300 is a prerequisite for all other psychology courses. Grading : Each person’s grade will be determined by his/her performance on four tests. The first three tests will be worth 100 points. Final grades will be determined as follows: A = a minimum of 270 points (90 % of 300) B = a minimum of 240 points (80 % of 300) C = a minimum of 210 points (70 % of 300) D = a minimum of 180 points (60 % of 300)
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NO MAKE-UP TESTS WILL BE GIVEN . An optional comprehensive test (also worth 100 points) will be given at the end of the semester. GRADES WILL NOT BE CURVED AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER . Extra Credit Class attendance : For each section of the course (period between tests, excluding the optional comprehensive), three points of extra credit will be given to each student with no absence. Any student with only one absence for that section of the course will receive two points. A total of 12
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1300_Spring_Syllabus_2007 - PSYCHOLOGY 1300.255 Spring 2007...

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