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Screenwriting Syllabus - HON3396C

Screenwriting Syllabus - HON3396C - HON 3396C(351285...

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HON 3396C (351285) University Honors Program Screenwriting: A Structured Approach to Writing for the Screen M-W 11:00AM-12:20PM, Lampasas 501 John Hood Fall Semester 2009 ScreenwritingSyllabus.033009.doc Course Description: This course offers a comprehensive study of the art and the craft of turning creative story concepts into polished screenplays. During a semester of intensive writing, readings, script analyses, and critiques, writers complete assignments in story, character, structure, and script development, while expanding their writer’s portfolios. Each writer completes a full-length screenplay as the capstone project for the semester. Meetings: Meetings in Theatre Room 501. Mondays and Wednesdays, 11:00 AM-12:20 PM . Writers are urged to attend area script readings and film series, and to participate in area and national screenwriting competitions. Course Format: This is a seminar workshop course for writers, not a lecture course. Each class member conceives, plans, and writes projects for the screen. Members of the class are expected to participate, collaborate, interact, and mentor each other throughout this study of screenwriting. Course meetings focus on story-telling through dramatic action and dialogue. At the beginning of the semester we will read, analyze, and compare produced screenplays; we will then study the theories, approaches, and recommendations of leading screenwriters and screenwriting gurus; following the introductory work, we will write, read, analyze, critique, and compare the stories and scripts created by writers in the class. Instructor: John Hood 1130 Spruce Street, Lockhart, TX 78644-2440 512-376-7767 (local from San Marcos/Austin/Lockhart) [email protected] or [email protected] Individual meetings by appointment before class meetings; or at my office in Lampasas Hall, Room 409, Mondays and Wednesdays. Course Texts: See Course Bibliography Additional Reading, Viewing, and Research: See Course Bibliography Goals and Objectives: gain an overview of the creative approaches to story-telling through visual media; learn to tell stories through action and dialogue, using only what can be seen and heard—a more restricted set of techniques than allowed in prose fiction; develop the habit of keeping a writer’s journal to record story ideas and observations; learn and practice industry standard formats for motion pictures and television scripts; learn to organize, structure, and develop dramatic screenplays; learn and apply the elements of dramatic development, including ideas, character sketches, synopses, treatments, and script drafts; gain experience in presenting work to agents and producers; explore the applications of writing film, television, and mixed media productions; prepare a presentation portfolio that includes writing completed during the semester.
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HON 3396C Fall 2009 Screenwriting: A Structured Approach to Writing for the Screen 2 ScreenwritingSyllabus.033009.doc
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Screenwriting Syllabus - HON3396C - HON 3396C(351285...

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