Senior Seminar - HON4390A

Senior Seminar - HON4390A - Honors 4390A, Senior Seminar...

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Honors 4390A, Senior Seminar Fall 2009 Course Syllabus Diann A. McCabe Office Hours: MW 2-4 p.m. or by appt Associate Director Location: Lampasas 409 University Honors Program 245-2209 So many things fail to interest us, simply because they don’t find in us enough surfaces on which to live, and what we have to do is to increase the number of planes in our mind, so that a much larger number of themes can find a plane in it at the same time. Ortega y Gasset Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler. Albert Einstein A thesis requires that you not only research a particular topic in detail, but that you choose and argue a position on it, and do this through clear and cohesive writing. A thesis is called a thesis because it has one—the main argument around which you must structure your paper, and that which you must support using outside research. Conquering Your Undergraduate Thesis Course Description This course is designed for upper level honors students who are ready to begin their honors thesis this semester and complete it next semester, or within the year. The course provides the opportunity to focus on the questions you will raise or the areas you will explore and create as you work on your undergraduate honors thesis. You will be given assignments appropriate to begin the work of your honors thesis. In addition, you will be given assignments to consider your future after the thesis is completed and after graduation that will bring your options and vision into focus. Objectives Develop a realistic project, find a supportive thesis supervisor, build a bibliography and outline or equivalent structure for your project, complete a review of literature, and begin writing your honors thesis. In addition, plan for graduate school or
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Senior Seminar - HON4390A - Honors 4390A, Senior Seminar...

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