Integral Ecology - HON3395B - Syllabus

Integral Ecology - HON3395B - Syllabus - University Honors...

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University Honors Program Texas State University I NTEGRAL E COLOGY Reconciling the Boundaries of Humans and Nature HON 3395b, 3 Credits Fall 2009 Days/Time: TH 11:00 – 12:15, Lamp 502B Instructor: Dr. Vince Lopes, [email protected] Course Description – This course explores multiple issues linked to integral ecology, an emerging metadiscipline taking an integral (holistic) approach to understanding human-environment relations. It draws on the science of ecology as well as on much wider perspectives, including indigenous and other ‘non-western’ ways of knowing. Course Rationale – Global change is transforming the planet at unprecedented rates. A looming mass extinction of species, global warming, habitat destruction, diminishing water supplies, disappearing tropical forests, polluted and over-fished oceans, increasing desertification, and massive social injustice, are all the result of human choices and non-sustainable ways of life. The gravity and complexity of this crisis call for an integral approach to the question of ecology. The word "integral" here suggests that ecology is relevant to the full range of human knowledge and action. At the same time, ecology must draw from the whole spectrum of human inquiry, including scientific, cultural and individual experiences. Thus, although partly inspired by the science of ecology, integral ecology draws on much wider perspectives, including indigenous and other ‘non-western’ ways of knowing, providing an enlarged and deeper map of reality that embraces the entire spectrum of life and humanity.
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Course Goals and Objectives – This course seeks to deepen our understanding of human-environment relations through a unified framework that (1) embraces the complexities of existence and promotes individual and social change, (2) fosters ecological integrity and appreciation for life in all its diversity, (3) identifies patterns of social-ecological dynamics that maintain (or disrupt) the ability of human and natural systems to renew or reorganize themselves in the presence of disturbances, and (4) promotes strategies for creating peaceful, just and ecologically-conscious communities. Suggested Textbooks -
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Integral Ecology - HON3395B - Syllabus - University Honors...

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