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Exam 2 review:: Essay question 3: colonial period-slavery (cant rise children, issue of marriage) families can be split up and sold. Father on diff plantation-cant parent. Cultures dilibertly mixed up when brought to US and new culture built here. Secretic Christianity was important to them (af belifs mapped on to Christianity). Right after emancipation tried to find families. -hard to catch up economically after slavery to privilege afam children -told they were going to get 40acres and a mule but really sharecroppers, no social mobility. Sharecropping was a new form of unfree labor so children were in fields just like working class immigrants were in factories and working on streets (progressive period). poor peoples campaign in civil rights said “give us 40 acres and a mule” in 1960s. booker t Washington went to Hampton institute (trained children but wanted to take them away from parents) and take them away from backwardness. 1865-1900 af and Indian children transformed into respectable working class teenagers through schools. Pic in slide of beautiful
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